I want to write in the active voice. I don’t know if I am doing it correctly. Probably not. But I want to write more concisely and clearly.

I discovered Friar Michael Schmitz from a downloaded podcast. He looks as good as he sounds. I’ve never listened to a Friar before.

This video is short. He tries to give us 3 points that’ll help and question 1 is, “Am I in a state of grace?” How do we get into a state of grace?” “Go to confession.” So catholic. But it is true.


It’s 1:08am on 03.03.2016. So if I really want to say it’s 02.03.2016 night I could… but I won’t.

i liked this quote that I found from the Let’s Read the Quran Campaign. It’s a good campaign.


Over the last few months, I have tried to pick up some courage to explore Islam. The fear is I am afraid of how gullible I might be but as I observe, I realise how motivational and new age Islam sounds. They don’t really believe in the power of God but really try to deal with a lot of things on a human and scientific level. I noticed while flipping through magazines and books at the shops. It doesn’t sound divinely inspired. There is no life.


I’m going to start this up again. I’m going to try.

It’s tough to share thoughts these days. I’ll try to be as candid. Just hope insecurity and the fear of over-sharing does not arrest me and I stop penning my thoughts down. Maybe to make it less daunting I will just post things that interest me.

Like this. I found this amusing.

What Paul Wrote, What People think it means and What Paul Really Meant