Stations of the Cross – 2

 And immediately, even as Jesus said this, Judas, one of the twelve disciples, arrived with a crowd of men armed with swords and clubs. They had been sent by the leading priests, the teachers of religious law, and the elders.  The traitor, Judas, had given them a prearranged signal: “You will know which one to arrest when I greet him with a kiss. Then you can take him away under guard.” As soon as they arrived, Judas walked up to Jesus. “Rabbi!” he exclaimed, and gave him the kiss.

 Then the others grabbed Jesus and arrested him. – Mark14:43-46 NLT

Why were the crowd of men armed with swords and clubs? I mean, it’s Jesus and his pretty lame disciples. Did they imagine Jesus to be like Samson? Or was Jesus big and burly?

Were the leading priests, teachers of religious law and elders among the crowd? Or did they just send the crowd of men to do their dirty deeds?

I love it how Judas doesn’t get much love at all. The writer labels him a traitor straight off the bat. A bit like how Trump labels everyone, “Crooked Hillary”, etc. etc. How did they know Judas’ exact words and why take Jesus away under guard? In other translations it says ‘safely’ or ‘securely’. Why if they were coming with clubs and swords? Makes no sense at all. And a kiss is gentle. Almost affectionate. Gosh, Judas was a traitor. If this had happened in this day and age, they might have made Judas gay and might have insinuated that he had certain feelings for Jesus. The twisted minds of today. Although, I’m pretty sure there is such a narrative somewhere in the gnostic gospels. Probably something like Judas and John were fighting for Jesus’ attention and John won and because of that, Judas was jilted and he turned on Jesus like a jealous gay lover. I could totally write a liberal screenplay.

I just don’t see why they needed to bring armed men like Jesus was threatening. Oh well. He is God after all. Haha. Maybe then they did view Him as powerful in that sense?

Hmmm.  IF I was there, I’d be a lame disciple. Haha The disciples were always so lame when with Jesus. Haha. The sidekicks. I would have been groggy and very sleepy, not sure what the commotion is about.