I have been thinking of starting / restarting a blog for the last few weeks.

I realised some times I have thoughts that seem very out of place in my world. Maybe they are too blatant, too direct or too judging. I don’t mean to come across that way and it’s maybe how I process things. Like I need a platform to discuss or more like ‘for people to hear me out.’

I have realised it doing in whatsapp groups or facebook walls may not be the best place even though you have a ready audience. Twitter is still OK ‘cos it’s short form.

I currently own 2 Twitter accounts. One of them I use for politics and nobody knows it’s me. I hope nobody knows it’s me! The other one I use to do more personal tweets. Separating my political thoughts from my @pigduck was a conscious decision because it just allows me to be more free to troll. Also it’s safer so people don’t connect dots. I get quite a lot of impressions on my political Twitter handle which can be exciting. I’m glad there are people out there who agree with my thoughts. Some of them want me to show myself but I like being anonymous for now.

I do hope that writing will help me structure my thoughts and help me express myself so I don’t offend people. And if people want to be offended by me they can come here and read it in a processed way instead of me saying it aloud and in their face without a filter.

At first I thought I wanted to percolate my thoughts on another domain anonymously. I still haven’t quite decided. The problem with doing it at is that there’s some form of ownership and exposure. Like people I know will link it to me and I am fearful I will not be very honest and I’ll write in endless roundabout riddles. If I wrote elsewhere, nobody would know it’s me and I can just do verbal diarrhea and that would be great. I could write openly about faith, politics and life without some stigma following or people in real life thinking something of me. Boxing me. Although I’m quite a square box as it is, I don’t like being typed.

Am I ashamed of my thoughts? Some times. Haha. Should I be apologetic for my thoughts? Probably not.

Percolating is a good word. I imagine something brewing, dripping slowly and being filtered. I wish that for what’s going on in my head.

When I first got this domain, in 2005, pigduck was hardly a common word but now there are so many pigducks in the world and these people are stealing my identity and signing up as pigduck on new platforms. OK fine, they are not stealing my identity since I don’t own ‘pigduck’ but I think I should find someway to trademark it.

I was thinking I should spend some time planning what I would like to write and not do a as-it-comes kind of thing. Writing does seem like a tedious act. You have to spend time sorting the thoughts and then typing it all out coherently. Would having a personal journal be helpful? Maybe but then there’s no audience. Haha Do I need an audience? Some times. I think when we write there will always be an audience.

Most people these days have become so advanced when it comes to blogging. I remember back in the day when people just wrote whatever they felt like but now you need to have it tagged and sorted or even have 1 blog for 1 topic. Not 5 topics in 1 blog like what I plan. I can imagine my categories will be varied. “Percolating, Dear Diary, Dear God, Music, Life, Faith, Politics, Reviews, etc”

Back in the day, I also remember how I wanted to do vlogging. Nowadays the equipment is so affordably accessible and people make such professional videos. Although recently, I was thinking of doing a podcast but I’m unsure what topic I feel I can talk endlessly about. So it’s best just to let me say my piece here. For now. Till I find my voice. Till I’m brave enough to say it aloud.