Re-reading my private posts

Update: I managed to import my posts! And I had to re-arrange some of them and I believe some are super private because I took them from my private blog and I can’t be bothered to sift through it all. I’m just going to lay it all bare for all and sundry to see and read. Also had to re-date some of my posts so the sequence for some are wrong. I doubt anyone will care. But I can’t believe I still have blog posts from 2006! I stopped blogging from 2011-2014. I think I had some false starts in 2012/2013 but I didn’t save those. Bummer.

Update 2: I managed to import my Xanga posts! Holy crap. From 2003! Some are superiorly cringe worthy. I doubt anyone’s ever going to read them. I struggle to go through them myself. And I was so honest in some of them. And so open. Wow.

I put a lot of my posts since 2014 into private mode and I cannot believe how smart I sound in some of them. I can’t believe I wrote them!

If only I had kept my posts from 2005 on this blog. Maybe I should re-import them? I’ll think about it and figure out how to do it. I spent so much of it processing my grief but I think I’ve come out stronger. But by removing it and moving it, it’s helped a lot too. Instead of dwelling on it but maybe it’s time to return it to give my blog more body. I erased so much of the dated nonsense like American Idol posts and what not. Haha. Who knows. Let me think about it.