I don’t see the point of this but I guess we gotta put an “About” page just for the initial introduction.

 This is my first project ever. It’s a rather extravagant and ambitious project so please forgive me if there are errors or if things get messy.

I would like to thank my dear older sibling for helping me with the funds to start this little beauty. She was open to the idea straightaway. That encouraged me and now, I am a proud owner of this website. 

I should keep this short. Thank you again for visiting. Enjoy yourself and do check back every once in awhile. You’ll never know what new additions might pop-up.

One reply on “About”

Hi there,

I came across your messages on http://ubb-lls.leukemia-lymphoma.org when I was searching the internet on Mylotarg. Browsed through your blog and saw that you have posted my article on “Kudos to caring doctor”. Your postings the leukemia-lymphoma.org really strike cord as I have been the primary caregiver for my dad this past 2 years. I am currently writing from the hospital as he is trying to recover from his second dose of Mylotarg.

Your writings about your sisters and family is almost similar with ours – I have 3 younger sisters and our dad is a Mr. Fix-It as well at home. Like your dad, ours is a hands-on dad as well. So, he has very close relationships with my sisters and I, especially me.

I have been reading on how you are coping with the demise of your dad. I honestly do not know how the day would come, but I know it would come. Till then, I learn all about making him comfortable in the hospital. He has been admitted since July 29, 2008 this round…sigh..almost 3 months now.

Thanks for sharing,
Ai Ling